World’s Best Temples

It’s hard to beat the temples of Angkor Archeological Park. At over 400² km, it’s the largest religious monument in the world. The park is often overwhelmed with tourists, but we have the inside track on seeing the park at the best time, in the best light, with the fewest people around. Put on your explorer hat, and come see Angkor the best possible way, with us.

Although Angkor gets most of the attention from visitors to Cambodia, there’s more to see than just temples. The thriving city of Phnom Penh, is a great place to begin a tour, with palaces and temples of its own. The southern beaches are only just beginning to be discovered, and the stilted villages of Tonle Sap lake are fascinating places to visit any time of the year. 

Cambodia is a compact country, and most of what you’d want to see can be accomplished within a week or two at most. If you want a deep dive into Angkor Archeological Park, there is enough to see that you could easily spend an entire week there, and never run out of things to see. For some people, 3 or 4 days in the Park is ideal, and another 4 or 5 days exploring the rest of the country is just about right.

Plan for at least a week, and depending on how many locations you want to see, maybe as much as two weeks.

As always, the length of the journey is your call, since it’s your private tour.


Cambodia's Natural Wonders

Cambodia's Natural Wonders

• Tonle Sap Lake
• Phnom Kulen waterfall
• Mekong River
• Battambang Caves
• Kampot Mangrove forests

Cambodia's Cultural Visuals

Cambodia's Cultural Visuals

• Khmer Apsara Dancers
• Shadow Theatre
• Theravada Buddhism rituals

Architectural Marvels

Architectural Marvels

• Angkor Wat
• Bayon Temple
• Ta Prohm Temple
• Central Market, Phnom Penh
• Stilted Villages of Tonle Sap

UNESCO World Heritage sites

UNESCO World Heritage sites

• 3 cultural sites
• 9 tentative cultural sites

When to Travel to Cambodia

Cambodia basically has two seasons. Ok, maybe three seasons. They are the rainy season, the dry season, and the hot dry season. Though the country is hot year round, to be fair. The differences in the seasons are more about humidity and rainfall. But it’s usually hot.

•  Generally, the best time to visit is usually between November and February, when it’s dry, cool at night, and little if any rain.

•  75% of the annual rainfall happens between May and October, with September and October receiving the most.

•  Even in the rainy season, Cambodia is still worth visiting. The rain falls in the afternoons, in powerful short bursts. The rest of the day is sunny and clear.

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