DESTINATIONS for Private Photo Tours

There are many great destinations for Private Photo Tours, and our aim is to provide you with one-of-a-kind personalized photography experiences in those destinations. We don’t create generalized tours in advance and hope for buyers (and possibly cancel the tour if there are not enough buyers).

We only build itineraries specifically for you, based on conversations about what your needs and wants are. So the destination you travel to, and all of its components, is ultimately your decision.

So if you’re looking to visit places that are culturally unique, we can help you find them. If you prefer to visit places that are remote and challenging to access, we can help you get there.

Or if you simply want to go somewhere that’s well-known, but want photographic guidance and local inside knowledge while you’re there, you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of great destinations for private photo tours, so it’s really up to you.

Destinations for Private Photo Tours

Here’s a small collection of destination ideas to get you started.

Private guided photography tours can be arranged in dozens of countries all over the world. Please inquire about customized travel for photographers to Southeast Asia, Western Asia, South Asia,  Japan, China, Canada, Central and South America, Europe and more. For some inspirations, visit one of my Instagram accounts and follow me there!


Happiness is a Place

Bhutan is one of those countries that very few people could pick out on a map, let alone claim they’ve been there. With strict limits on how many people can cross its borders, it’s easy to imagine how magical this small Himalayan nation can be. Come and explore this fascinating country before everyone else does. You will be glad you did.

Cambodia + Angkor Wat

World’s Best Temples

It’s hard to beat the temples of Angkor Archeological Park. It’s the largest religious monument in the world. The park is often overwhelmed with tourists, but we have the inside track on seeing the park at the best time, in the best light, with the fewest people around. Put on your explorer hat, and come see Angkor the best possible way, with us.


The Middle Kingdom

Most people I’ve met have a limited understanding about China. Their belief is that the entire country is the same from border to border. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. China is an incredibly diverse country, in terms of culture, topography, language, religion, and food. You owe it to yourself to explore at least a little bit of it.

Indonesian Papua private photo tours

Indonesian Papua

The Island Time Forgot

When people think of Indonesia, their thoughts usually turn to the beaches of Bali, or the volcanoes of Java. But the eastern province of Papua is forgotten. With its Dani and Lani tribes, who are trying hard to maintain their traditional agrarian lifestyle, Indonesian Papua is clearly a place that should be on every photographer’s must-see destinations list.


Modern & Traditional

Japan is a country steeped in traditions that are as old as recorded time. Although the country is one of the most modern in the world, it’s also one that truly honours its history. It’s a fascinating mix of contrasts that any photographer would enjoy. It’s equally wonderful in any season of the year. Japan has so many places to see, there’s something for everyone. 

Sri Lanka

Indian Ocean Gem

Sri Lanka has emerged from decades of conflict to become one of the most popular places in Asia for photographers to visit. With its booming capital city of Colombo, and the gorgeous tea plantations of its mountainous interior regions, this island nation is a treasure trove of photographic opportunities. It’s a destination most photographers will love to visit.

Image of a baobab tree in Tanzania, a destination provided by Private Photo Tours.


Untamed Eastern Africa

Tanzania has some of the most spectacular parkland in Africa. It’s home to the highest point on the continent, and the longest freshwater lake, and has a coastline with white sand beaches. You can watch huge migrations, climb dormant volcanos and live with traditional tribes all in the same week. Tanzania provides the most authentic safari experience in eastern Africa.


The Land of Smiles

Almost everyone has an opinion about Thailand. It’s often based on the food, or the beaches, or the legendary nightlife. But Thailand is so much more than that. When you step outside the more popular areas, and do a deep dive into the less travelled areas of the country, you get to see the Thailand that locals know. Come and experience the real Thailand, with Private Photo Tours.


Vibrant Vietnam

Vietnam is experiencing something of a renaissance, and has become the must-see destination for most people visiting Southeast Asia. From the modern Ho Chi Minh City in the south, and the beautiful resort areas of central Vietnam, to the lush mountainous area of the north, it becomes clear that Vietnam is a fascinating destination worth seeing.

Do you have other ideas on destinations for Private Photo Tours?

Please reach out to us with your ideas, and let’s start planning!