of Private Photo Tours

If you’ve been on a group photography tour before, you’ve experienced some limitations.

With customized private travel, those limitations don’t exist.

Advantages of Private Photo Tours

•  Your dates, your preferences, your pace
  Take your time, no rush to keep up with the group
  Price range from budget-conscious to ultra-luxury
  No need to match physical abilities with others
  No need to match skill sets with others
  Individualized skills training specific to you
  Access to places that are impractical for groups
  No sharing of hotel rooms, vehicles, or time
  Customized itineraries designed to meet your needs
  Last minute changes are easier to manage

Advantages of Private Photo Tours

How it Works

This is a simplified version of the process. Each tour has its own characteristics, so there will always be variables. But it will usually follow this basic pathway.


Since every journey is unique, we begin the process with a quick survey form. You’ll answer a set of questions to get the ball rolling. Don’t worry – there’s no commitment at this stage. It’s merely exploratory for both of us. The questions are basic stuff like where, when, who, what and for how long. This will give me a glimpse of what you’re hoping to achieve, and provide me with the basic information needed to formulate the plan required for the next step.


I’ll personally connect with you via Skype or whatever works best for you, and together we will begin to create a more precise version of your ideal journey. After a short period, you’ll receive the initial travel proposal for your approval. Once approved, a deposit is collected, and then the finer details are worked out. Based on our conversations, we will fine-tune the journey until it’s perfect.


The full, final itinerary will be created for your approval. When you are satisfied with the plan, final payment(s) will be scheduled. Hotels, flights, vehicles, fixers, restaurants will all be booked. You’ll prepare any needed travel documents, start packing, and get ready to travel.


On arrival at our initial destination, you’ll be met at the airport and fast-tracked through immigration (where available), and then whisked to your hotel by private car service. I will already be there, and after you’re settled in, we will discuss the details of what’s about to come. Let the new experiences begin!

Included in every PRIVATE PHOTO TOURS experience

  Unique, one-of-a-kind personalized photography experience

  Airport meet & greet

  Fast-track through immigration, where available

  Airport transfers via private car service

  Hand-picked exceptional hotels, from budget to luxury

  Flights during the itinerary (both domestic and international)

  Entrance fees 

  All meals when we dine together

  Professional photographer guide/instructor

  English-speaking local guides and fixers

  All in-tour transportation

Optional items for PRIVATE PHOTO TOURS

  Equipment rental (lenses, lighting, backdrops, tripods, drones, etc.)

  Travel companion activities 

Items Not Included

  Return flights from/to home

  Travel insurance

  Visas for destinations

  Alcohol and other personal hotel charges (spa, minibar, etc.)

  Non-photo-related activities (skydiving, rafting,  bungee jumping, etc.)

Maybe you’re not ready to plan your international travel quite yet, and that’s fine. But if you just want to discuss the idea of travel and how the advantages of Private Photo Tours could fit into your plans, please get in touch with me. We will be ready when you are.

If you’re unsure about where you can travel as the Covid-19 pandemic works its way out, check out these websites for up-to-date information on travel restrictions and freedoms, from any country to any country: and Sherpa.